How does salvation work?

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Salvation tends to change depending on domination. I was raised in the church of christ who believe being baptized and being saved are one in the same. The church I go to now is southern baptist who believe you are saved and then are baptized if you want. You don’t have to be baptized to get into heaven. So lets see what the bible says!
While studying this, a lot of verses came up. One of them was Hebrews 7:25. When Paul says ‘he’ he is talking about Jesus. Jesus is able to save us completely. And in some translations it says forever. So if we come to God through Jesus, God will save us. 
So what exactly is being saved? Well its being saved from your sins. Everyone sins. It’s a part of life. But God hates sin. So, to join him, we must ask for forgiveness. Some of us sin without meaning to sin, some of us knowingly sin, and some of us don’t realize we are sinning at all. I know that I will find myself wanting something that someone else has, and that’s sin. 
Jesus was sent to save us. That was his entire purpose on this earth. John 3:17 
And being saved is only found in God through Jesus. Acts 4:12
But why do you need to be saved? Well, God calls us to holiness. 2 Timothy 1:9
So how do you become saved?
Well you need to realize that this is putting your old life behind. Matthew 16:25 You can’t keep living your life and take in Jesus. You have to try and be a better person. Start living your life for him and through him. Meaning, start taking him into every decision you make regarding your life from this moment on. Stop all your sin, and start trying to please him. Not pleasing yourself. 
Then, you need to call his name. Acts 2:21 No just in your head. But out loud. Romans 10:10 Whether you are in your room, the bathroom, at church, or with friends. Say it out loud. I know it feels funny at first to talk to someone who doesn’t audibly talk back. But when you say it out loud, something happens. Anyone who has been saved knows this feeling. You feel the spirit in you. You feel him move in you. You feel overwhelmed. Its pretty awesome to feel it. Just talking about it, I feel him in me. And every time I talk about him out loud, I feel the same thing. Its an amazing feeling. 
Next step, is to deny yourself. Mark 8:34 You can’t be proud. You have to accept that you are a sinner, and that you need Jesus to save you. You can’t save yourself. And you must tell him that. 
Then comes baptism. Mark 16:16 It says clearly that you must be baptized. And it’s an amazing feeling as well. Coming up you just feel refreshed and immediately better. I’ve been baptized twice. Once when I was 12. I thought I understood the full meaning. And I truly didn’t. Then again when I was 22 with my husband. We were baptized together to be forgiven together and to start our lives together. 
The Lord knows your heart. He knows if you truly want to be saved. And only then will you be saved.
Dear Lord, I pray that you move in the ladies that read this. I pray that it reaches all who it needs to reach. I pray that they feel convicted and transfer over your side and your wonderful glory. I pray that all the ladies who make your decision feel your immediate embrace. And start to live their life for you. I pray that you let this reach to any one who needs to hear it. In your sons name I pray, amen.

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