An Open Letter to America

Dear America,

Young and old, baby boomers, gen x’s, millennials, and homeland’s. This one is for you.

I have had it with where our society is at today. It’s growing evermore frustrating with social media, everyone’s opinions and everyone’s feelings. As we are nearing election time, I feel like this needs to be said.

I, myself, am a millennial. I know, *hiss hiss* at me. I was raised by baby boomers. I was raised in a Christian household. I was raised by republicans. I was raised in the midwest. I was raised by parents who never have been, and continue to not be divorced. I am a middle child. I am not a college graduate.

Something, in that paragraph has already turned you off. Something in that paragraph gives you a reason to dismiss whatever I am going to say before I have even said it. Something in that paragraph gives you ammo to try to make me change my mind because I am wrong. I am young, I am in the bible belt. I am Christian. I am republican. I haven’t experienced life. I think everyone is out to get me. I am not educated. So, now that I’ve used everything that you have against me, listen to me. If you choose not to agree, that’s fine. If you choose to try to attack me, that’s fine too. I have pretty tough skin. And I can handle it.

In society, we are offended by everything. We are offended at big ticket issues. And we are offended by not so big ticket issues. We find it easy to hide behind computer screens and phone screens and attack others. We find it easy to bash others because they don’t agree with us. We find it easy to not take responsibility for our words and our actions. We blame it on others, society, social media, past and present and future presidents. We blame it on everyone else but ourselves. I too find it easy to pass off what I’m saying or how I feel because I’m a millennial. I find myself typing away *ahem* to prove a point, or to ‘correct’ someone.

It is NOT okay to bully someone because they think different than you.
It is NOT okay to bully someone because they disagree with you.
It is NOT okay to spread hate.
It is NOT okay to generalize groups and say that they all believe this way or another because of one person.
It is NOT okay to dismiss what someone says because they are a different race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

It is NOT okay to let others let you feel bullied.
It is NOT okay to allow your feelings get the best of you.
It is NOT okay to let other people determine WHO YOU ARE because you aren’t strong enough to stand up for yourself.
It is NOT okay to get on social media and bash groups.
It is NOT OKAY to feel OFFENDED because you DON’T AGREE.

I have been bullied most of my life. I have been called every name in the book. I have also bullied others. I have also called someone every name in the book. I have led a sinful life. I have led a spiritual life. I don’t claim to know everything because I don’t. I don’t claim to be right, because most of the time, I’m not. But I have survived. I refuse to shut down. I refuse to hide. I refuse to apologize for things I believe. I refuse to apologize for my morals. I refuse to apologize for who I am.

You believe what you believe. I believe what I believe. And that’s all there is to it. I most likely can’t change your mind. And you definitely can’t change mine.

So America, let’s agree to something. Let’s stop spreading hate. Let’s stop being offended. Let’s stop contradicting ourselves. Let’s start appreciating each other’s differences. Let’s start being one nation. Let’s start being united.