Dressing for The Lord.

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Sorry for not posting for over a week! It’s been crazy this week!

Read 1 Peter 3:1-6 Yes it’s speaking to wives, but it goes to all women.

Okay, so this book was most likely written around 60 – 65 AD. Here we are in 2015 and we are still dealing with external views of beauty. We are caught up in the fashion trends of the world and who has the best clothes on, what brand they’re wearing, etc.

Beauty isn’t how you do your hair or jewelry or clothes. It is your inner self! It is your personality and your soul. How many times has your mom said, “Beauty is skin deep.” I hate to tell you this, but 99% of the time, your mom is right. But, you will find that out later in life. This time, she is spot on. Beauty truly is skin deep. It plays a huge role in our society. And it’s a hard lesson to instill in young girls when society views it completely different. But I promise you, your looks won’t make you friends. And if it does, those friends aren’t real friends. My true friends are the ones who know me. They know all my flaws and all my strengths. They love me in spite of my flaws. And keep me around because of my strengths. The clothes you wear and the way you do your hair and makeup will only get you so far.

God wants you to know that it isn’t about the outside looks. Direct your attention to 1 Peter 3:3-4. Beauty doesn’t come from outside appearances. Its not about how you do your hair or the jewelry or the clothes. It truly isn’t. God cares about whats inside. A gentle and quiet spirit is what God sees as great worth!

With all of this, I have a problem with today’s clothes. They are getting smaller. And it’s harder to be seen as a stylish christian lady. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says that our bodies are TEMPLES and reminds us that we were bought at a price, God dying on the cross for us, and to honor God with our bodies. So I’m going to try to guide you ladies in how to dress appropriately in today’s styles to honor God!

 Okay, so here we have Sadie Robertson with some pretty basic pieces which are my favorite. You can mix and match with several different outfits and styles. You have a swoop neck white tee that is loose fitting. Not skin tight, but loose and relaxed. This can go with literally anything. A maxi skirt, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, a cute pencil skirt. This is the most basic piece and I believe every girl needs this in her closet. I specifically like how she has this tucked in to her shorts to add a cute tomboy feel. And we have a super cute printed, oversized cardigan/shawl. Love this! It is once again another piece that goes with anything and can dress up or dress down any outfit. We also have a cute pair of jean shorts. Basic. Paired with adorable booties and you’re set to go! This is a simple look that covers completely. Lose the crop tops and booty shorts. Go with a more simple approach. If you can’t go to church in an outfit, you probably shouldn’t be wearing it.
Here is Carrie Underwood sporting a perfect fall outfit. Skinny jeans with a cute embellished sweater and some cute heels. Skinny jeans are super trendy and a personal favorite of mine. The sweater is cute and embellished for a more ‘done up’ look. The heels are not my favorite. They are super cute, but I personally don’t go for heels. I am already pretty tall (5’8″) and I prefer something that doesn’t kill my feet all day long, like saddle boots or some cute flats. Notice there is no cleavage, no low neck line, no mid drift. I think this is a great example of how to dress trendy and honoring God at the same time!
And last we have Taylor Swift. I adore this look! I can’t pull it off. In the least. But, some can! So we have a button up shirt buttoned ALL THE WAY up. No low buttons ladies. Stay classy. Then we have a cute high rise pleated skirt. If it were me, I would maybe go printed on either one. But plain is adorable too! Also more basic pieces to have in your closet, I think. And go with colors that suit your skin tone. I have an olive skin tone, so I learned to go with earthy tones like green and neutrals. I stay away from yellows and neon colors because they tend to wash me out! My sister has more fair skin and she looks great in blues and pastels. Its all about your personal skin tone and what colors compliment you!
I am no expert in the style field. In fact, when I was in school it was a t-shirt and jeans every day. No make up and definitely hair almost always in a pony tail. So this is all personal opinion.
A friend once said, “I dress the way I want others to dress around my boyfriend.” And that’s how I still check my outfit to this day. Am I dressing in a way that would tempt others? Am I dressing in a way the Lord would be okay with? If I don’t feel comfortable wearing it in front of my grandpa, father or in church, it’s probably not appropriate at all. 
I know that in this day and age, its difficult to fit in. And clothes have a lot to do with that. But look for good role models when it comes to clothing choices. And learn how to compliment your body best! 
Dear Lord, I pray that you speak to the ladies reading this today. I hope that they understand our bodies are temples and that you look for the inner beauty. Not the outer beauty. I pray that they take 1 Peter to heart. Help them realize how precious their bodies are, and to honor them properly is to dress them properly. In your Son’s name I pray, Amen.

Loving the body you’re in.

Hello ladies!

When deciding my next post, I was going to do something on my brainstorm list of things I feel will help you most. Shockingly, this was not on the list. I was starting my weekly devotional I’m in, and all the sudden I thought “Man, I wish my legs were thinner…” And then, “Body struggles. Girls need to hear about body struggles.” So, change of plans! This may be the most important post I write. I have prayed over this post. And I pray that the word speaks through me to you.

Loving your body will be a constant struggle. Honestly, I still struggle with this. I think all women do to a certain degree. Being comfortable in your body in our society will always be a struggle. Things are getting better with body shaming. But society has a way of making us feel like we need to change. There are positive role models and there are unrealistic role models. But, I want you to know what the word says. And I hope to change your mindset. And mine too. (Keep in mind, I learn in these posts too.)

For reading, it is hard to pick one chapter to read. So instead, I will pick out a few verses that I can write on. Hopefully the message will come across just the same.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 A few things stand out to me in this one.
First – Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. Our bodies hold Christ in them! Wow. No matter if you’re short and fat or tall skinny or any combination of the two, Christ is in them. Curly hair, straight hair, acne or freckles, big nose, pig nose- whatever your biggest insecurity is… Christ dwells within you! Your looks aren’t going to get you into heaven. Your heart is. Christ is not concerned with the outward appearance of your body. Just whether or not you allow Him to live within your heart daily. (1 Samuel 16:7)
Second- You are not your own. You aren’t yours. You are God’s. He gave you life, He gives you breath every morning. He is the sole reason you are here. Respect him. And allow him to guide you in every possible way.
Third- You were bought at a price. Whoa. That one is strong. A part of me feels like I should make this a post all on it’s own. You were purchased with the blood of Jesus Christ. He literally carried the cross with you in mind. He DIED for you. The pain He bore was because of you. Not because of what you look like or what you wear or how you do your make up. Because of your inner soul. He wanted to save you. And we want to be upset with how we look? The price was His life and His pain. Honor Him with loving the body you’re in. The body He gave you.

Genesis 1:26-27 We were made in His image. Not society’s image. God took time to mold you into who you are supposed to be. Fat, skinny, big nose, little nose, curly hair, straight hair. It’s all in His image! By loving ourselves, we are in turn loving Him. None of us know what God looks like. And we have an idea of what Jesus looks like. But we are made to look like Him. With that being said, every insecurity you have about yourself, God made you that way on purpose. I said in my last post that I am a chunky girl. Honestly, it is the thing I struggle with most. Society has made us think that we are supposed to be skinny and proportioned in some way. Well, I will never be a size 0. In fact, I don’t think I will ever be a size 8 again. I was a size 8 for maybe 1 year of my life. It’s the smallest I ever remember being. But, God made me in the womb. (Psalm 139:13) He knew while making me what I would turn out like, and He doesn’t make mistakes. I promise.

Psalm 139:14 Fearfully and wonderfully made. Fearfully. Wonderfully. Made. His works are wonderful! Wonderful. You are all beautiful in the eyes of the Lord. He has made you. Anything the Lord touches is beautiful. I am truly at a loss for words when trying to describe this. I believe it says all it needs to say.

My prayer for you is this: Let us come to you today Lord. Open our eyes to the beauty that you have molded us in to. Let us take Psalm 139:14 and truly believe it. Let us see that in your eyes we are all beautiful. Don’t let us harp on the small insecurities society has let us believe. Let us realize our beauty and wear it proudly every day for you. In your son’s name I pray, Amen.


Forgiveness is a hard thing. Probably one of the hardest things young teens will have to learn to do. I’m 24 and still learning to forgive. I hate to tell you, it doesn’t get any easier.

I have been bullied throughout my entire life. You can ask my mother, I’m not an easy pill to swallow. I am loud and obnoxious most days. I’ve never truly fit in because of my personality. In elementary school, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It’s where my thyroid doesn’t produce what it’s supposed to to keep my metabolism burning off fat. In short, it made me gain weight. A lot of weight. But, being a kid, I didn’t realize what was happening until someone pointed it out. I still dressed like all my skinnier friends and wore a lot of tight clothes. This continued until high school. I had no idea that my tight clothes was not ‘flattering’ as no kid that young should ever have to worry about. When I got into middle school, things got harder. Kids bullied me fiercely. In eighth grade, my best friend and I decided to try out for cheer. She ended up not being able to try out, and so I did anyways. I made the squad and was bullied like never before. The kids at school said I joined because I was a lesbian and wanted to be around other girls, my friends thought I thought I was better than them and stopped hanging out with me, and the girls on the squad thought I was too fat and weird to fit in with them. Probably the loneliest year I’ve ever been through. I remember at cheer camp, the popular girls locked themselves in the room with our coach and wouldn’t let the rest of us in. It continued in high school with the popular kids oinking at me in the hallways, my clothes not being the right ‘style’ and being little heavier set. 
With all of this, I had to learn to forgive them. But why would I forgive them? What they did was mean and unnecessary. It was cruel to taunt me that way and they don’t deserve forgiveness. Heck no, techno.
So Peter comes to Jesus and asks how many times should he forgive other who sin against him. Peter asks “Seven?” And Jesus replies “Seventy-seven.” Jesus is not literal, but saying as many times as they ask for it. In verse 27, the king takes pity on the servant who can’t pay him back. But in verse 28, the servant finds a man who owes him money and demands it back. The man begs for forgiveness and the servant denies him. 
After all the bullying I went through in life, I turned around and started bullying too. Why? I knew how much it truly hurt to be called names. Especially when they are making fun of something that you can’t control! Yet I still made fun of others. 
In verse 35, Jesus says, “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”
If you can’t forgive those around you, Jesus will not forgive you. (Matthew 6:14-15) In order to be saved and receive forgiveness of all those sins, you must first forgive others! -That’s not fair!- But, our Lord is so forgiving. And the point of Christianity is to be more like Jesus. We want to mirror Jesus’ actions to become better people ourselves. 
There are mean people in this world. It surrounds you for your entire life. It happens in school now, it happens at your job later. People can just be relentless when it comes to bullying and meanness. But in order to have forgiveness to walk through the pearly gates of heaven, we have to forgive others. 
Dear Lord, I hope that forgiveness to others may come easy for us today. Help me and others truly forgive those who have wronged us. Clean our hearts of hate and sadness. Let us remember that we mirror your actions. In your Son’s name, I pray, Amen.


Solemnly Sisters is a place where as sisters of Christ we can come and learn together. I want to teach you how to be encouraging and positive christian teens. We should lift up and encourage each other instead of tearing each other down. As Christ accepted all, so should we. That popular girl may be really mean and gives you dirty looks but you should smile and move on anyway. That weird girl in the corner keeps staring at you but you should smile and move on anyway. Whichever side of the spectrum you’re on this place is for you.

Romans 1:11-12 is truly my prayer for this blog. This is not a one-sided blog. I want to encourage you and I want to be encouraged by you as well. I know that in by starting this, I will learn from you and I hope you learn from me.

I made this because I’ve been bullied and popular. I felt truly called to reach out to teens in a major way. I have for a long time now. I have prayed that God would show me and move me in the way that I’m meant to move. I feel this may be the way. I’ve been where you are before. I have been a christian and a non-christian in the same place you are. I can help direct you through some of the most awkward and challenging stages of your life. It wasn’t that long ago that I was there, and I still remember how bad and how good things where. I can tell you the way I dealt with the issues and how I wish I would have dealt with those issues. I wasn’t necessarily right the first time because everyone makes mistakes. But I can tell you how I should have dealt with it.

I want this to be a safe outlet for questions and answers. You can email me or comment. Either way, I want you to ask questions of any manner without worry of judgement. I will do my best to answer any and all of your questions.

As girls, most of us love fashion. But fashion does not love the Christian Teen Ideal. But, I want to show you how to fashion wholesome yet stylish fashion choices. Clothes are getting smaller and make up is getting thicker. But I assure you, I can show you how to still be a christian teen and look good while doing it!

Dear Lord, I pray that this reaches out to all teens who are in need. I know that you have led me to reach girls that may have it rough like I did. Lord, let your word and light shine across this page and through my fingertips to these girls. Send me the answers and words to appropriately show your path. I pray that you allow this to reach any one who needs it whether it be 1 or 1,000. In your Son’s name I pray. Amen.